Jermaine Jacksun, formerly Jermaine Jackson, is in trouble with the law. He’s $30,000 behind in child support for his two teenage sons, Jafaar and Jermajesty.  If he doesn’t cough up the dough by August, he’s facing 60 days in jail.  This is the second time he slipped up on the payments with his ex-wife.  In […]

Okay, so am I the only one that’s frustrated that I can’t watch my new episodes of Scandal whenever I want?? ABC takes these three week breaks and makes us wait for new episodes. Season 2 is even available on Netfilx yet… I mean COME ON! Apparently, I’m NOT the only one feeling the pain […]

5th Cycle “America’s Next Top Model” winner Lisa D’Amato, 32, suffered serious facial injuries to her face when a freak accident occurred on the set of her movie. “After wrapping my part in a movie called Cowboys and Indians in Colorado… The sound girl & I did a duo-stunt/ gymnastics move,” Lisa posted on her […]

Last night, Vice-Presidential candidates Joe Biden (D.) and Paul Ryan (R.) went head to head in an effort to gain supporters for the election November 6th. In your opinion, which candidate gave the best performance? Take the poll below. President Obama and Mitt Romney will square off again on October 16 in New York and […]

  AP Photo / Courtesy Michigan Lottery via Detroit New This 25 year-old lottery winner was found dead from a possible drug overdose. The state was after this woman because she continued to  collect welfare benefits after she won her million dollar prize. She just won the million in September. Find out who she is […]

The hottest pics on the rumor mill this week come from the SupperClub in Hollywood where Chris Brown and former Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger spent a fun evening together. Even though the lights were low, paparazzi were quick to snap shots of the two, who at one point appeared to be kissing in the […]

Photo courtesy of Check out Oprah relaxing on set. Not sure why this is news…well of course it is! Who doesn’t wanna see one of the most powerful women in the world in her granny pajamas and curlers!! Hey, even Oprah has the right to relax sometimes. :-)

Earlier this week rumors began to spread that the daughter of late singer Whitney Houston and her boyfriend were in a horrible car crash following a bad argument. A badly wrecked 2012 Camero was found in front of the apartment of Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. Police knocked on the door of the house to get answers, […]

Photo courtesy of Gossip Extra. Lakeisha Williams, the 30 year-old wife of 70 year-old Richard Williams was photographed above at the French Open in May. She seems uncomfortable, now we know it was because she was holding a bun in the oven! Richard Williams, father and former tennis coach of Serena and Venus Williams, has […]

Former heavyweight champ Floyd Mayweather is having a rough time since he beat one of his baby mamas like she was in the ring… then cried everyday he was in jail. His celebrity friends are dropping him left and right. It’s not a good look, and it gets even worse! At 2am Floyd got into […]

What happened? Did she leave it at home by accident? MEDIATAKEOUT.COM recently caught rapstress Nicki Minaj out and about…without the booty that made her famous. Many speculations immediately began to arise: Did she remove her implants? Were they just pads all along? Did she miss her shots appointment? Check out the photos and decide for […]