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I’m so glad I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions because I know that I would have broken at least two by now! What about you? How’s it going? Yeah…I figured! Let me help you STICK to your resolutions with a few tips from HelloBeautiful.com !


S: Schedule It: By being specific and by scheduling it you are greatly increasing the chances of greeting 2014 with a smaller waistline than if you just “hoped” you could.


T: Take It One Goal At A Time:  Taking baby steps is a more realistic approach, so this year dive in and backstroke so you don’t end up doggy paddling come swimsuit season


I: Involve Your Friends/Loved Ones: Your real friends will appreciate your dedication and support you in ways you’ve never imagined.


C: Create Inspiration: It can be a full blown inspiration board or a motivational message you make into your cell phone’s wallpaper.


K: Kudos Welcomed: So if you decide to have “Meat Free Monday’s” twice a month, and you really had a veggie burger instead of a double cheeseburger for three months straight, then go ahead and buy those new pots and pans. Making your rewards specific to your goal will make you want to push harder, go stronger and win!


We’re only human…don’t stress too much! You have an entire year to get it together! (smile)