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In 2013, I think we’ve all grown alittle right? We’re ready for alittle maturity in our lives, right? So help me out! Let’s start this list of things we NEVER…EVER wanna see again in 2013!


1. Evil b*tches: Please! Take your miserable a$$ somewhere else! Work at a funeral home or a cemetary or something!

2. Grown a$$ men who rock cornrolls, “own” a production company, and live with either their mother or baby mama!

3. Saggin ANYTHING! Fellas…it’s not hot! Ladies…it’s not cute!

4. The word “hater”! You dont’ have haters, just non-supporters! Who cares! Keep it movin!

5. Ratchet behavior: It’s embarrassing to you, me and your family! STOP IT!

6. Complaining about things you can’t control! Look! It is what it is! Why complain about it?

7. Bonnets & pajamas in public: REALLY???

8. Lack of investments: Invest in your community! Invest in your family! Start small then go BIG!

9. Wearing sunglasses in the club! Who are you hiding from? We can see you…you do know that right?

10. Twitter beef…it’s Twitter people! Pick up the phone or leave it alone!

11. Being a deadbeat dad and/or a child-dangling baby mama: BE PARENTS!

12. BLUE JEAN SHORTS! This rule has been in effect for a while but not alot of people got the memo!

13. Facial hair on WOMEN! I’m just sayin….

14. Bathroom shots on Instagram and Twitpic! Clean it up first!

15. NO MORE SAYING:  YOLO & TURNT UP! (let’s be more creative)


(No SOURCE, just my personal opinion)


I’m sure this list could go on and on but you get my point! Add to it what you like! Just make sure we all stick to it! Happy New Year!