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If you’re like me, I know you grew up watching Dallas with 80’s spin off’s Falcon Crest and Dynasty! There is no way you can start a pop culture conversation off without mentioning the villan of all villans on television, J.R. Ewing of Dallas! The popular question “Who Shot J.R.?” forever lives (it was his Sue-Ellen’s sister, just in case you still didn’t know) in our minds.

Well, I found out today that actor Larry Hagman, who played the popular character, “J.R. Ewing”, passed away at the age of 81 of complications of throat cancer. Dallas aired 356 episodes from 1978-1991.

Remember Sgt. Nelson of “I Dream of Jeannie”? Yup! Larry held that role for 5 seasons! I know my television pop-culture! Do you???

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