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Ever attend your office Halloween party and think to yourself, “did John really come to work dressing up as Borat?” and you work for a very conservative law firm? Yeah….that might happen. So how about I save you and your co-worker’s from the embarrassment at this year’s Halloween bash!

Here are a few Do’s and Don’t’s:

Do: Turn to your friends for fun and creative ideas

I say this because I know you don’t want to be the ONLY person to show up fully dressed to kill (literally, cause you’re dressed up as Jason from Friday). Might want to get a feel for what is planned for Halloween.


Don’t: Wear a costume you wouldn’t want your grandma to see

If you’re considered your grandma’s favorite grandchild, you might want to show up as Nicki Minaj in her “nip slip” costume! Just sayin…

Do: Consider your workplace atmosphere

If you work in a creative environment, such as journalism, graphic arts, or an ad agency, you have more creative liberties than if you’re in a conservative law firm where, perhaps, it’s frowned upon and viewed as silly if you’re in costume.