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RumorFix is reporting that Pilar Sanders, the estranged wife of NFL great Deion Sanders has been forced to move out of her home because the gas and electricity have been shut off.

Pilar has seen hard financial and emotional times during her ongoing divorce battle with Deion. According to her publicist Kali Bowyer, she is having a hard time paying her bills and Pilar’s attorneys filed an emergency request in order for Deion to continue with support payments.

RumorFix reports:

Deion was ordered to pay $10,500 a month in child support in April, but because the two are locked in a court battle no payments have been made.

According to court documents obtained by RumorFix, Deion makes $161,565.25 a month and is worth $250 million. His attorneys are claiming the $10,500 in child support is extreme and six times what everyone else in Texas pays. Plus, they claim paying the utilities is not a child support expense.

Before this crisis, Pilar’s monthly expenses were $24,600 — that includes expenses for the children like organic meals, cellphones and special hair products for their daughter.

Futhermore, Pilar claims that the $10,500 a month is just six percent of Deion’s income.

Bowyer tells RumorFix exclusively, ” This is an horrific situation that Mr. Sanders has placed Pilar and the children in, by completely disregarding his, not only court ordered obligations, but as well as his obligations as a father to provide support. It clearly comes as a great shock to see that one of America’s beloved athletes would turn his back on a hungry child, especially his own. While Pilar has pleaded for the courts to take a stand and enforce the existing support order, she has yet to see any relief in the matter.”

UPDATE: Deion tweeted the website,“@RumorFix lol kids are with me half the week. Check your facts whole articles wrong. Lol God bless u. A lie don’t care who tells it.”