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We all have been a victim of the “thrown under the bus” epidemic! Most bus “drivers” are our co-workers, customers, even your boss! You see, to the “bus drivers” it’s translated as the “CYA” procedure. Cover Your Ass is a method most of us go by to help eleviate the decision of suspension (when it’s a 3rd offense) or encounter some kind of reprimand.

So…how do we avoid “the bus” throwing? Here are a few tips:

1. Go under the radar for a while: Come in, do your work, say nothing, punch out. Don’t be a jerk about it, but just keep to yourself.

2. Remember, it’s work not life: You don’t take these people home with you. As long as you’re doing your job and you have the right back up (paper trail) , the bus will have to go around you. Play it safe and keep it at work!

3. Don’t react in a way that’s predictable: If the “bus driver” knows you’re gonna freak out, or that you’re just gonna sit there, it’s a open invite to drive right over you. Try a different approach that doesn’t cause  you to become a bus driver and will keep you in a good light to your supervisor. Come to a compromise and bring your back up with you. Approach it this way “I do apologize, I dont’ see it in my notes, so I’m sure there wasn’t any discussion on this.” or “we didn’t come to any compromise on a decision, so I proposed we do something to better benefit the client and the company.” POW!

Hopefully, these should work. If not, follow tip #4: FIND A NEW BOSS! (self explainatory)


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