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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What’s your favorite throw back TV Show? @92QJamsBmore @drejohnson1

Aisha Whaley Friends, wonder years, and mad about you! I’m a black/white girl.

Kyisha Walker Martin.

Dalania Lang Good Times.

Eryn Brown different strokes.

Alphea Rooks What’s Happening.

Andrea Onmygrind Jarmon The facts of life.

Jermaine Townes In Living color…. launced alot of actors careers.

Dalania Lang 227.

Riversallovame Pennix American gladiators, Benny hill, good times n martin.

“@Semaj_bka_James: GM! @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore Yo mines has to be New York undercover or Martin… Classics!” No doubt.. GM

“@losugar: @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore gm luv! My fav was fat Albert!” GM

“@ChefBoY_RBOOGIE: “@DreJohnson1: Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The Golden Girls Thm Old Ladies Were 2 Funny!” GM

“@kellyljones78: @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore Morning Dre, my all time favs are Good Times and The Cosby Show.” GM

“@jujub710: @DreJohnson1 good times, martin, golden girls and three’s company just to name a few!” GM

“@eddiehollywood: @DreJohnson1 my fav show had fly cars KNIGHT RIDER, DUKES OF HAZZARD, STARSKY & HUTCH. SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, fav movie”

“@MrDumbfresh: @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore has to be Jamie foxx show..dude had mad talent and always had a dope celebrity appearance” GM

“@B1GBABY: @DreJohnson1 Zoobalee Zoo in living color and the littles lls GM” GM

“@LaLa_35: @DreJohnson1 For this morning’s #breakfastbite — Good Morning!! Good Times, What’s Happening” GM

“@LynnWashington: @DreJohnson1 Golden Girls!! 21 Jump Street! Cosby! A different world. Hey babe”

“@Yackman: @DreJohnson1 1,Crime Story wit Ray Luca and 2, Simon & Simon they always got their ass whipped….lol”

“@MasonMiAmor: @DreJohnson1 a different world motivated me to do in school so I could go to a college like Hillman lol GM Dre” GM honey

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore it has got to be Good Times!!! Episodes were hilarious!! GM Dre and Happy Hump Day!!!

Shekella Charity‏@3in3years @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore Amen, GM


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