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I know it’s not just me but don’t you get excited when you hear a Beyoncé song and you find yourself floating on air, to magically emerge into the R&B Diva herself? Oh wait! I know I’m not the only one! Tell me you don’t imagine yourself in a dance studio doing the  dance routines to “Crazy In Love” or “Ego”?

Thing is, I’m not Beyoncé! I’ll never be Beyoncé (unless I get millions of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery…) However, I can emulate her look and style; even her moves (if I work really…REALLY…hard)!

I found tips on how WE can reach our inner Beyoncé! Let’s have fun! Don’t get offended if some of these tips seem like stripper moves! Even Beyoncé had to learn from somebody! LOL!

1. Start with sexy body spray or perfume. That’s kinda like our very own “BAT SIGNAL” to our special man friend just to get his attention!

2. Pick out the right makeup! If you’re not looking to scare him away, I would go with something natural but spike it up a bit! A smokey eye is great! CLICK HERE FOR TIPS

3. Choosing the right shoes makes every outfit POP! Unfortunately, if you’re not used to wearing 6 inch heels, I would gradually work my way up and practice to prevent injury. Those shoes are serious! Shoes can be a woman’s best friend. It compliments the outfit and your curves!

4. Test it out! Time to test your walk. In a beautiful black lingerie outfit, black pantyhose and stilettos, walk in front of your man without saying a word! You’ll get his attention for sure!

5. Wait! His response will come in more ways than one! But you must control the situation. You don’t want to have to have gone through all this hard work for nothing because he can’t control his inner parts! Sit him in a chair, tell him not to move, then get your Beyoncé on! Best song is “Dance For You”!


You can thank me later!

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