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As we all know Mariah Carey Is the new addition of American Idol and she is making sure that not only she gets her 18 mili but that her area is in order and im not just talking waters & some appetizers!

The pop princess is famously demanding on her backstage riders, which have included such necessities as baskets of puppies, furniture with “no busy patterns,” “vases of white roses” and a “tea service for eight.”

She once insisted, “I don’t do stairs,” while other wild reports have said Carey has previously demanded a chauffeur for her dog, “confetti shaped like butterflies” as well as 20 white kittens at a London appearance. But, a source close to Carey says she won’t require anything out of the ordinary on “Idol,” and adds that the show itself has many of its own branded requirements for stars to use the products of certain sponsors. “It’s all standard stuff, nothing out of the ordinary,” the source said of Carey’s “Idol” requirements. “It’s not like they’ll need to put a new roof on the building. It’s standard lists, whether it’s for water, soda, veggies, snacks. It’s all fairly normal.” So no puppies this time. Then again, Carey’s tagline on Twitter declares, “Citizen of the World Dahhhling!”

Really Mariah? A basket of puppies? HUH!!!!

What do you think of this Diva?

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