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BET’s 106 and Park hosts Rocsi Diaz has completed seven years on the popular countdown show and now she is ready to embark on an exciting new journey in television and film, but before she goes she has some advice for the next 106th & Park host. Here are 3 tips she says is a must! Also check out her full interview with The New York Post, where she talks about her relationship with Eddie Murphy, her plans after 106th and how she got into entertainment.
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Tip 1

Watch your mic placement when using a mic (we are hosts not rappers). You don’t want to cover your face. If not using a mic watch your levels. Excited does not mean yelling.

Tip 2

Create great segways (radio people do this best). Be able to transition from one topic to the next seamlessly practice by taking jelly beans as a topic and then introduce New Video by Chris Brown “Don’t wake me Up”.

Tip 3

Who you are on social media says a lot of who you are as a person. If you have pictures posted with bad images or negative tweets or fb comments think twice they check all forms of who you are.