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Beyoncé Writes Praise To Michele Obama

Beyoncé expresses her DEEP adoration for First lady Michelle Obama in a very candid interview. For more details click here:

The Game Ain’t Playing No Games In His New Reality Show

It looks like west coast representer The Game has big plans for his career outside of music. He is currently planning to air his own reality show centered on him and his life outside the booth as a father and family man. It’s nice to see the Game has a new game plan, now let’s see if it’s a good one.   Read more here:

Eddie Griffith Gets Wet…By Some Angry Lady’s drink!!!

While preforming at a local comedy club in CA comedian Eddie Griffith got a little more than he was thirsting for when a woman who got offended at his act threw her drink at him!!! And he threw his at her!!! Has this Drake & Chris Brown incident taught us nothing?!?!  Find out more on this story click here:

DMX Says “I’m Okay” After ATV Accident

Ruff Ryder founder DMX says he “Okay” after suffering a mild concussion from flipping his ATV!!! Tweeting a hospital photo to his fans to ease their worries it looks like the RR was siding a little too rough. Find out more on this story click here:

Ochocinco And The Game Throw Twitter Shade!!!

NFL star Chad Ochocinco and The Game went ham on twitter exchanging sideline jabs at each other apparently over nothing at all. I guess twitter is the place where rap and football collide into a war of words that only those involved can truly understand the cause behind such remarks. Well fellas I think you all have more important things to do than twittbeef. Or more details click here:

Flava Flave Takes Down A Plane!!!…Intercom with An Announcement!!!

Flava Flave took over an airplanes airwaves with an important announcement about Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor. During the planes landing the former rapper and reality TV star made a brief but important announcement regarding his latest business venture in Las Vegas that being his new restaurant. For more details click here:

Tameka Raymond Can’t Keep Her Son On Life Support For Much Longer

With the tragedy that befell Tamkea Raymond and her family with the jet ski accident that left her 11 year old son Kyle brain dead and in serious condition.  It looks like things have gotten even worse as her insurance company informs her that they will only keep him on life support for a couple of months. Her ex Usher is not a viable source to help pay the massive hospital bills in the event the insurance company takes Kyle off life support. For more details click here: