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With the recent storm that passed through the Baltimore area leaving over 400,000 people without power it severely crippled the emergency response system leaving many in a state of panic. The need to know how to survive in the event of a power outage is crucial in the event that it happens to you. Here are a few tips on how to survive until your power is restored.

Carry Batteries!!!

Battery operated flashlights, heaters and food cookers are essential to be able to keep warm and eat in the event that your power goes out.  If it’s the summer battery powered fans are necessary to stay cool.

Cook All Perishable Foods

Don’t let your food spoil!!! Cook all perishable items especially if your power is going to be out for more than a day. You may not eat all the food you cook at once but it will be eaten!!! It’s better to cook it and have leftovers than to have to let it go to waste and throw it out because it spoiled. Save your money!!!

Make Some Fun!!!

Sitting in the dark can be boring and scary especially for small children. So make your time in the dark fun and interesting by playing some fun games to pass the time. It’ll be a great way to spend some quality time and bond with your loved ones.