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#breakfast bite.. A new report rates most of Baltimore City school building as very poor. What should be done? Your thoughts? @92qjamsbmore

“@realshyness: @DreJohnson1 the mayor should have increased state Lottery taxes or alcohol taxes and use that money for the schools….”

“@quettagotthis29: @DreJohnson1 take back the smartphones they brought and use that money for schools!!!”

“@MasonMiAmor: @DreJohnson1 I think the mayor should step up do something about it they find money for everything else like her salary.

Eryn Brown First of all they need to look at each school themself and see on a school ti school bases what needs to be done. So during the summer,spring break ans any other time off for the kids they should be working We need to do better for the kids.

Nicole Taking Charge Zahara Clean them.

Kevin Boardley remodel some city schools. and hire more teachers.

Corey Harold Well first of all we have our first sorry mayor that no 1 never sees the schools should have been 1 of the first thing to look at. Every year she wanna close pools she talking about race tracks like baltimore is 1 of them big cities that can handle it.she needs 2 be fire.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden The schools should be our number one priority. instead of building juvenile facilities and other bull**** ass things we DONT need, we should be pouring all our resources in ensuring that our kids succeed. It seems that our kids are last to be thought of, thus ending up in a city where it isnt safe to even visit the dang Harbor. #ijs GM Dre!!!

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