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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Alleged Mega Millions winner holds press conference. Do you think she really won?

“@MzBelligerent: S/0 2 My DA Fam @DreJohnson1 @tweetACruz @92QJamsBmore As Far As That Breakfast Bite It Shouldve Been Me That Won..

“@LOLAvsNecole: “@DreJohnson1:She is crazy & an attn whore! No winner”

“@Semaj_bka_James: @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore BLUFFING Motherf@3k3r!!!!

Yvonne Artis I Feel She’s Play’n sum type of Game, Haven’t Figured out what yet, or Why? However if She did she’s H*lla Dumb, Letting Everyone Know where She Lives, when she has Innocent Children to Protect, that’s Not Real Smart!! (IJS) IF Ihad Hit for that Much, I would have Remained Annonymous, Cashed in my Ticket and been Ghost, lol!!!!

Jermaine Townes Yeah she won….Y else would she get on tv wit that bad weave…

Donovan Lewis Naw she lyin she couldnt get a iphone so she use the news for facetime59.

Andrea Onmygrind Jarmon She is #RATCHET AS HELL! If it was a team thing she should break them off!

Eryn Brown Idk it’s just something not right with with the hole situation.

Donald Smoot Hell nawwww she bluffing.