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Every now and then you receive an email or are called to the office by your boss to have discuss an issue they may have with you.  Criticism can be harsh but it all boils down to how you give it and recieve it.  You must have alot of understanding and patience.  Here are a few ways to deal with criticism in the workplace.

1.  Have an open mind and assess the areas others believe you need to work on.
2.  Ask for more explanation
3.  Explain your take on the criticism in a calm, authoritative manner.  If you really feel the criticism is wrong make your point in a nice way.
4.  Thank the person for his concern and time.

As with any life issue you must take things in stride and identify the good and bad in all situations.  Don’t get upset try to understand the other persons take on things and move on.  To read more on Criticism in the Workplace Click here.