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City police are still investigating the death of Monae Turnage, 13, who was fatally shot by two boys 12 and 13 palyong with a rifle that accidentally fired. A police officers still remains suspended in connection.

#Breakfast Bite.. Officer suspended and 2 boys charged in fatal shooting of a 13 yr old girl over the weekend. Your thoughts?

  1. “@KillaKAB: #Cosign “@tweetAcruz: @DreJohnson1 i think the story about the 13 yr old girl…is sad, there is definitely more to the story”
  2. “@LOLAvsNecole: Cop should be charged & arrested the Kids consulted What happened 2Officer Friendly?” GM babe..
  3. “@ItzTonya: honestly it wasn’t a crime until they tried to cover it up! It’s sad they where probably advised wrong by the cop”
  4. Maine Hamordie Wow that’s crazy ….. Smh
  5. Tavon Blackwell Being a officer now days gives you a license to kill. It should be mandatory that you enlist in the military before becoming a officer, you gain a better respect for guns and life. SAD STORY!
  6. Kevin Boardley baltimore police alway getting a bad rep any way them dont need to be cops be cause some of them crooks .and doing what they want.they make hate the police. but i dont


    Eryn Brown Regardless of your position u as a officer is to assist in a positive way. Maybe if somebody called for a ambulance she may be alive now but to leave her in the alley makes no sense. U get what u deserve.

  7. Yvonne Artis This Situation is just Sad on All Accounts, Praying for her Family & Friends.
  8. Elliott Simon It is a very sad story. I hope everyone involved get the maximum amount of years. It is always one stupid officer making it bad and putting the spot light on the good ones like myself.
  9. “@MsBHaven76:@DreJohnson1 GM! Baltimore City’s finest are some of the worst!Too much corruption happening under 1 commissioner and Mayor”
  10. “@Heartless1017: @DreJohnson1 sad just sad for real and thn to hear the officer helped but they suppose 2protect and serve.”
  11. “@ChefBoY_RBOOGIE: @DreJohnson1 Sad :o( I Pray 4 The Victims Family. BMORE we gotta do better! Morning Dre”
  12. “@83CONWAY: @DreJohnson1 it is crazy .. You can’t trust the law at all ..”
  13. “@Heartless1017: @DreJohnson1 to hear a officer is involved whn they suppose 2protect and serve..we got to do better too many kids dying”