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Why Does Keri Hate Beyonce So Much?

Well she has used her music to express her dislike of Beyonce in the past.

Remember the lyrics from the “Turnin’ Me On” Remix …..

“She need to go have some babies / She need to sit down, she’s fading”

“I been puttin’ you on / Just check the credits Hoe”

And now the latest display….a mean girl moment caught on tape.

This comes from www.juicymagonline.com

In the clip Keri is asked to do a quick plug for the magazine.  She’s ready to do it until she realizes Beyonce & Jay-Z are on the cover.  She shuns the queen & king by politely refusing the hold the magazine up for the plug.  She does a quick generic plug and keeps it moving …..It’s not over the top dramatic but you can see the controlled rage in her eyes.  She tries to stay cool but you can tell she’s pi**ed.

I hope it’s a business disagreement, like something to do with lyrics credit$$$… cause I would be really disappointed if it’s over some petty B.S.  I think Keri should just say it already.  I mean, if you’re gonna make your hate so public, why not explain?

If she has a legitimate reason, it would make her look less like the mean girl hating on America’s pregnant sweetheart.

What do you think?