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Question: What should be done to stop knives from getting into schools?

Toiya Tko Best Maybe metal detectors in schools, Gm Dre!

Roxanne Kelly Knives only what about the guns these middle/high school kids bring to school… And don’t wait til something happens than sign a bill/order.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden I know it’s a stretch since monies are limited, but they should budget to start putting scans in the ‘troubled’ schools first.

Maine Hamordie Bring a knives to shcool get kicked out flatout.

Sheriff Tombs Badru Knives should be treated on school premises like guns and if you get caught with one,you face same charges as being caught with a gun.let’s preserve life not strategy.

MrsShekella Charitytoyou Metal detectors.

Adrienne Ellis Drugs ,wapons bellies .fights all of those things need to be addressed but as long as we keep talkin in the air instead to our students and children about whats wrong then it will remain u can treat them like jail birds already. We just need to listen.

Ebony Watkins Whip their ass!!!!

Adrienne Ellis Gangs are nothing but groups of scared bullies that can’t fight ppl with wapons are just ppl that don’t know how to talk.children don’t really use there minds anymore.

@HrmlssFlirtTNT:@DreJohnson1 they better put some metal detectors and wands in the schools before they start looking like Lean on Me b4 Joe Clark. GM babe

@IAMDJBUNK: @DreJohnson1 metal Detecter’s, it’s sad to say but, we me have to turn to it, but gotta keep the students and staff safe.

Mekelle Mccormick Hey Dre!! I can remember a time that Northern had metal detectors. We also had to scan our ID’s but it only worked for a short period of time.

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