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Grammy Award winning rapstress, Eve, celebrates her 33rd birthday today. The former Ruff Ryders’ First Lady, is a multifaceted artist proving herself to be skilled in songwriting, record producing, acting, and even singing.

Many may not know, but Eve started out as a singer to break out into the music industry. When her group realized their rapping talents they wanted to further explore that lane. It wasn’t long before Eve ventured on her own to pursue a solo career in rapping. In 1998, Eve was sanctioned as the Ruff Ryder’s First lady under the guidance of Dr. Dre. In 1999 Eve released her first solo debut album, “Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryder’s First Lady”, featuring hit singles, “Gotta Man” and “Love Is Blind”. Eve went down in history with this album becoming the first female rapper to release an album to chart as no. one on the Billboard 200. She sold 213,000 copies in the first week and according to Soundscan, it is certified double platinum today.

In 2001 Eve released her second album, “Scorpion” which featured the international hit singles, “Who’s That Girl” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”. In 2002 she released her lowest selling album, “EVE-olution”, selling only 713,000 copies.

Since then Eve has appeared on many singles including Michael Jackson’s remix to “Butterflies”. It is said that she is currently working on a new project that has been delayed since 2007 due to issues with Interscope Records. Nonetheless we want to wish her a very Happy birthday as she has much to celebrate.

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