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Since we’re talking about “What My Husband Doesn’t Know”, I was prompted to ask the question as to who makes the “better” cheater?

This is what you had to say on Facebook & Twitter:

Tashia Smith Woman hands down… Men tell on themselves… For example… A man will leave the room when his phone ring… Shute he may even leave the house just to talk to the other woman… A woman will answer her phone and talk to the guy as if she was talking to one of her girlfriends…

Dave Smith women for sure. why ? because i was the other guy so many times and i heard all the things they would tell their man other than that they were with me. hilarious stuff!

sostonedmrjones women hands. Dwn

DaShayDatGotAwy No cheater is a good cheater lol, but women tend to be better at it because we are more detailed. We cover all bases lol.

Helen Washington Men tell on themselves because of their actions – women tell on themselves becausr they gotta share w/ their “girls

Bad__Twin i say its 50/50 but that’s my opinion

seguejones  women…men get caught more often

You say what?


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