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When I heard this story, I had mixed emotions. I’m hearing that fast food chains like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC may be going the food stamp route. There was a time when you couldn’t get ANYTHING but FOOD at the GROCERY STORE. Now, there may be a change in the system where you just may be able to get that #4 you wanted off the KFC menu! Here what you had to say about today’s Office Talk:

Josephine BlueReserve Barton This is ridiculous…I am waiting for them to start drug testing in Maryland for food stamps like they want to do in Florida….

Memphis Countryboi Tre Hey Churches Chicken in Memphis been doing that for over 10 yrs.. Its nothing new.. But they also are the only spot u can get 20 pieces of chicken for around 7or 8 dollars..lol

Var Marshall Greed is something else. And on a more ridiculous note. If people with stamps can start buying hot/prepared food with stamps out right, will that make the stamp worth more than half when their sold/traded for cash. Not trying to be funny btw, just curious.

Memphis Countryboi Tre To me other than Churches Chicken becuz they are SO cheap, fast food and eating out is a luxury for those who have earned it… I dont think that we should allow them to be able to use our tax dollars to give the same benifits as a HARD WORKING individual..Its bad enough that section 8 can get vouchers for 350k-500k homes now u gonna let them eat like us too.. I think I chose the wrong path.. I may need to quit working, knock a female up with 5 kids and get on welfare so we can live in Columbia MD and eat like(ghetto) kings and queens…lol Im just saying…

David Riley given our nation’s obesity problem…is this REALLY a good idea (not for the businesses, but for the people) how about they do something to eradicate “food deserts” in areas where people can’t get fresh fruits and produce?

Dawn Young While there are folks abusing food stamps, lets not look down on folks who are out of work or had to work a job barely making ends meet that get food stamps. Let’s not be so quick to place judgement. We don’t k ow every story.

David Riley fast food isn’t a “luxury”, it’s THE NORM. it’s part of the reason we have 13-year old kids with pre-diabetes. the reason the companies what to TAKE food stamps is to get money, not to reward “undeserving” people.

Var Marshall ‎@Memphis Tre The abusers do make you mad, but at the end of the day if your a worker with skill you’ll most certainly eat.

@David from what I remember, (so don’t quote me on this). The program was set up to buy healthy foods. (You can quote me on this)Food companies, corner stores, and this nation don’t have a problem with obesity in some areas: Their pockects, bank accounts, etc. So it’s up to people to make better choices.

@Dawn I’m with you 100% It’s sad that good people are lumped into the category abusers.

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