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The Internet has been buzzing with rumors of Beyonce’s record label

being unhappy with her new album. Columbia Records allegedly thinks a

reunion of Destiny’s Child would be better for Queen Bey. Many believe

the only reason the label is saying this is because they dropped Kelly

Rowland as a solo act and now her single, “Motivation,” is charting

higher than “Run The World (Girls).” Whether this is true or not, one

thing remains. We need some girl groups to get back in the studio.

Check out our list and see if you agree.

10. Danity Kane

We got to witness their rise to fame and fall from grace. The saddest

part about the group disbanding is they did so right as they were

hitting their stride. “Damaged” was one of the biggest singles in

2008. If that isn’t enough, Danity Kane is the first female outfit to

have their first two albums debut at number one on the Billboard

charts. Show stoppers for real.

9. Zhane

There aren’t too many things better than being at a party when “Hey

Mr. DJ” blares through the speakers. Jean Norris-Baylor and Renee

Neufville debuted as part of Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit crew. After

the initial success of “Hey Mr. DJ,” the duo dropped moderate hits,

“Groove Thang” and “Sending My Love.” The reasons the disbanded has

never been discussed, but they need to come back. The party is longing

for another anthem, ladies.

8. Total

Kima, Keisha, and Pam had swag for days. Strong vocals and harmonies

over hip hop edged beats was a winning formula for the former Bad Boy

artists. “Can’t You See” is still one of the crown jewels out of the

Sean Combs’ company’s catalog. Their last official appearance

together was in 2001. Total, you got us sitting home waiting for

another album. Ten years is too long.

7. 702

Named after their Las Vegas area code, 702 was a lovely trio with

beauty, talent, and attitude. Under Missy Elliott’s guidance, Meelah,

Misha, and Irish had a string of hits in the late ’90s. After a brief

hiatus and reunion, the girls permanently disbanded in the fall of

last year. The last time anybody heard from them was the failed album,

Star. After that, everyone was asking, “Where these girls at?”

6. Brownstone

You know there’s got to be something special about you when you form a

group and within a year Michael Jackson signs you to his label.

Brownstone was thought to become a major force in the industry during

their mid-1990s run. How can you deny the harmonies and vocal power

shown on the smash hit, “If You Love Me?” Through the member changes

and disappointing follow up album, Brownstone still has a place in the

girl group hall of fame. If only they could get along long enough to

drop new material.

5. Floetry

Repping Philly via London, Floetry was a breath of fresh air to the

R&B world. The Floacist, Natalie Stewart, spit poetic lines as

songstress, Marsha Ambrosius, wowed audiences with her writing ability

and vocal prowess. There’s no way you can have a bedroom playlist and

not include a Floetry joint. Although we like the music both have

released as solo artists, we love the work they did together.

4. Salt-N-Pepa

This group claimed the top of the rap charts from the late eighties

well into the next decade. They were trendsetters.The asymetrical cuts

women are still rocking today is because of these ladies. With hits

like “Push It,” “Whatta Man,” and “I’ll Take Your Man,” confidence was

never an issue. However, the subject matter of their material became

one for Cheryl “Salt” James. She became a Christian and didn’t feel

those lyrics should be coming out of a saved woman’s mouth. James is

the perfect example of every saint once being a sinner. Never mind all

that, can we please get a new album? It’s very necessary.

3. Xscape

Jermaine Dupri’s singing clique was one of the best during their time.

Comprised of sisters, LaTocha and Tamika, Kandi, and Tiny, they had

slow jams galore. “Do You Want To” and “Understanding” being a few out

of the many. The ladies called it quits in 2005 after Kandi was

replaced by Keisha Miles. Internet rumors added to speculation Kandi

left because of a falling out with LaTocha and Tamika. Will they ever

kiss and make up? Hopefully, I need more records like “The Softest

Place On Earth” in my life.

2. Destiny’s Child

Call them what you want, they had star power. Beyonce and her back up

vocalists, Kelly and Michelle, took the world by storm. They became

the best selling female group by selling 50 million albums worldwide.

Bey’s success as a solo artist aside, Kelly and Michelle aren’t doing

too bad themselves. Michelle won rave reviews in the Broadway and West

End productions of Chicago. After several delays, Kelly is getting

some shine with a third album in the works. That’s good and all, but

we need more tracks like “Survivor.” That song exemplifies the intense

chemistry they had. We need more of it.

1. TLC

Sadly, this will never happen. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes died in a car

accident in Honduras in 2002. But you can’t blame us for wishing.

Before losing the title to our number two spot holders, TLC was the

best selling girl group of all time. The ATL trio held the title for

almost 10 years. nobody has classics like them. “Waterfalls,” “Creep,”

“Aint Too Proud To Beg.” Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

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