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 Here’s the question, if you’re cheated on, is it your fault, his/her fault (your boo) or is it the person you cheated with’s fault?

Here’s what you had to say:




Trina Whoelsebutme Selden My boos…a person can only do what she allows

Erin Snyder Wasmire I was cheated on, my husband (ex) felt the need to go outside our marriage, i kept a home and kept 4 kids in check with school and just life, i found her number and made a call AFTER i confronted him. She still pursued…i left his a$$ and …gave her my condolences…needless to say she saw his true colors too… BECAUSE THERE WAS ANOTHER WOMAN AS WELL.. CAN WE SAY D-O-G!! The “other” women got nothing….I ON THE OTHER HAND WAS AWARDED PART OF HIS MILITARY RETIREMENT ;)


mlamback  If its no longer working then just leave, dont cheat

Brz473 Its your (the person doing the cheating) because you knew it wasn’t working so you should have callwed it off
knBomB  it’s your boo fault.. shld have been doin wat they shld have been doing.. But in the end u gotta say sorry lol
You say what?