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My friend let me borrow his DVD “The Secret” which introduced me to the Law of Attraction! I never thought about how important your positive processes are to giving it actual existence!

Here are some notes on how to use The Secret/Law of Attraction:



Start Small: Still not quite sure how you feel about this supposed “law of attraction?” Begin with something small; a good example would be a red rubber bouncy ball. Picture what you’re wanting in your mind right down to the last detail-size, shape, color, flaws, any distinguishing words or features-and hold the image in your thoughts. You’ll want to take a little time every single day to recall the image of what you’re wanting and remember every detail.

Just Know: There shouldn’t be a shadow of doubt in your mind that this object will find its way to your hands by whatever method the The Secret deems most practical. Remind yourself every day that there’s a rubber bouncy ball coming to you(or whatever object you’ve dreamed up) via The Secret and you will have it any moment now.

Negative Thoughts: It can be very difficult to train your mind to discard negative thoughts and replace them with positive thinking… but this is essential for The Secret to work. You must never concentrate on what you DON’T want the Universe to dish out to you. For example: When you race past a police officer, the first thing that will come to mind is being pulled over and getting a speeding ticket. Even if you concentrate hard on repeating to yourself, “I won’t get a speeding ticket; I won’t get a speeding ticket…” All the universe will hear is, “Speeding ticket, speeding ticket, speeding ticket…” And in a moment you’ll get pulled over and handed that ticket you were dreading. You brought it upon yourself- because that’s what you were concentrating on. You need to force your mind in another direction. Use positive thinking and picture yourself pulling safely into your driveway after a day of being in the car and smiling to yourself because you had another uneventful drive. Or rather picture yourself with plenty of money in your bank account– taking every opportunity (in the car, at work, while trying to deter negative thoughts) to use positive thinking to your advantage. Either way, the harder you focus on the cop and the speeding ticket, the more likely you are to bring that into your life. This is true of everything bad… and everything good. The law of attraction will attract what you think about.

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