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OFFICE Talk: Do you tell your kids to fight the opposite sex? If you have a boy, do you tell your son to hit a girl (if she hits him?) If you have a girl, do you tell her to hit a boy (if he hits her?) Is this considered wrong?

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Bryan Levy A man who hits a woman is trouble and a woman who hits a man is taking advantage of a situation where there is no retaliation.

Emily Clarida This is very hard, sheesh. I have a male and a female child and my daughter who is older usually tries to take advantage of the fact that I tell my son not to hit girls but when does it change, it is a very thin line because I have actually… told my son to hit her back and I do not want my son to be an abuser but honestly if someone his you on purpose meaning to cause bodily harm what are you to do but hit them back, so I have to say male or female you hit them back if you feel like there is a need, no one has the right to violate anyone’s personal space or body and unfortunately some women have taken advantage of this and honestly they need their A$$ knocked to the ground. I’m sitting here thinking about how Chris Brown took the fall behind Rihanna’s crazy butt and it’s not fair, you hit someone expect to get hit back, in my opinion some people may disagree but oh well, that girl deserved every lick she got and due to her behavior she’ll probably get more from someone else, lol.

Pep Farrow I’m a single parent of a 11 yr old daughter. I teach her to strike. But in school where most of this is happening is that she’ll get suspended for taking action. But both times was with a boy hitting her. It disturbs me that boys are hitting girls more with an I don’t care attitude. But it startles me cause the school is telling me I’m teaching her wrong. I want her to protect herself not run an tell. Tough one but I’m stickin to my guns on this! Kick ass if you get violated or hit!
Chiron Mathis I agree if you dont want your girls to be hit by a boy teach her to keep her hands to herself or be willing to accept what might be coming to her. Hit back
 Vaughn Allen bad enough to hit, bad enough to be hit…

Gina Frazier-Mcmillan first of all let me say the politically correct thing and say kids should keep their hands to themselves. ok , now speaking from the heart, if a girl hits first she better expect to be hit like a boy. now if a boy hits a girl, (i told my girls) they better kick them in the their private until they fall to the ground then step on their neck. tht way that llil boy or any other kid will nevertouch them again. gotta make an example outta someone so you won’t have to repeat this behavior.
Keith OldYoungin Hendricks So basically ladies this shouldn’t be a question because like u said gender doesn’t matter
Sabrina R. Clark No! He should practice restraint and learn ways to combat that behavior in the girl…or go to the authorities, teacher, principle, parent or police! If he is told it’s okay now, he will continue it into adulthood and there HE can get in some big trouble even if he didn’t hit first!
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