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Patience is a need in our world and lives.Many of us struggle with patience. The worries of our lives and the need and demand for everything NOW wears  us thin.

Patience is the practice  of working,waiting  and not worrying unnecessarily. It is living  with a sense of purpose. If we take just a moment to reflect on patience, He will see us through.

Praise be given to Your Holy name for Your forbearance and mercy. You have dealt gently with your children in love. You have been patient with me in my humanness and stubbornness. Lord, through the work of Your Spirit, prompt me to be more jubilant in hope, more patient in times of trouble, and more consistent in my prayer life. Teach me, Lord, to wait with faith and expectancy, and may my trials be seen as times for growth in grace. Through Christ our Lord, I pray. Amen.

If the tribulations that bring patience are to be gloried in because of the fruit they bring in our lives then we should not fear asking God for this quality we are supposed to have. He could answer the prayer by bringing more troubles, but He might also make the troubles we already face more profitable in our lives. If someone wants to pray for patience, it is probably because they are already facing troubles they do not know how to handle. Praying for patience simply means you are asking God to make His lessons more effective.

How many times have we looked back in our lives and realized that tribulation taught a valid lesson.  Patience is the belief that the saying “This Too Shall Pass…” is more than empty words.

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