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So, you may not be able to afford to hang out and pop bottles with us this Q-years eve! We understand. What about throwing a party at your crib? Here are a few tips I found online that just may help you out!




Safety First:

As a host you want to be considerate of your guests’ needs. You also have a certain responsibility for your guests. Most New Year’s Eve parties include the consumption of alcohol and staying up late. Neither of these factors mixes well with driving. The roads are a dangerous place on New Year’s Eve, even if your guests are just driving across town. You should offer your guests the option of sleeping over at your house. For certain guests that may have a longer distance to drive, the offer will be greatly appreciated. Tell people ahead of time they are welcome to stay over. Even if you do not have the extra bedspace for everyone, you can make use of couches, and tell people to bring sleeping bags and pillows. If you really don’t have the space or simply aren’t willing to have guests stay over, then reconsider inviting people who will have to come from a distance. You can also look out for the safety of your guests by cutting off the alcohol supply by a certain hour; say, no later than the official midnight toast. You can also brew coffee for your guests to wake them up for their ride home. Most importantly, just keep your eye on people. You can’t be responsible for everyone, but your concern and judgement will help guests to remain safe.

Fun and Activities:

Of course the best part of the evening will be spending time together with your friends and talking. Here are suggestions for fun and conversation that allow you to reflect on the past year, as well as look forward to what the future holds. Both adults and kids will enjoy these easy-to-plan activities


Decorating and Preparing:

You don’t have to go over the top decorating, but you can give your home some easy, quick touches that will make it perfect for a party with New Year’s spirit.