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Today’s Office Talk: Growing up, how did your parents celebrate their New Year’s Eve? What were the NYE traditions you grew up with ? Me? Pennies on the window sill, pork and saurkraut, and a man walking in the house. You say what?

Here’s what you had to say on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mskikibrown

Alexis Means My mom & grandma would put gold and silver dollars in a sock and pin them to the back of our pj’s. Grandma said never go into a New Year without any money in your pocket or close to you. We watch the ball drop on TV. I go to the bank every year and get my gold and silver dollar, but I don’t pin them to my I put them in my bra …lol happy New Year!

Sharon Strong Blackeyed peas for luck an greens 2 bring money an a clean house means it will stay that way all year. LOL

Keith OldYoungin Hendricks Black eye peas…man walkin in the house…money in our pockets…no dirty laundry..and a mandatory toast

Crissy Williams Keith just about sumed it up.. a man gotta walk thru the door at 12am.. gotta have black eyed peas all tho i dont eat them and some greens money in our pockets and no dirty clothing in the house what so ever.