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Is it breaking a “Man” code if you tell on ya boy for cheating on his 60 year old girlfriend that he’s only dating for the money anyway? You don’t want her, you just want him to chill with including you in his lies and from her calling you all hours of the night.

Read this letter:

I have this friend who is dating this older woman. She’s like 60 and he’s 35. I mean at first, it was cool but now it’s like I know he’s just using her for her money. She has two kids that are our age if not older and they can’t stand him. Its so uncomfortable watching him kiss all over her like he’s all in love, but I know he’s not. He even invites me to go along with them on vacations. I soooo want to tell her that she can do better, but that makes me a rat and he is my boy. Last night, he got drunk and went home with some random chick. This morning, she called me asking where he was. I had to lie but I feel like crap! It’s killing me to hold this in! What do I do? I know about the man code, but I want out!!!

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