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You can never have too many pairs of jeans. With all the different styles and washes, it is impossible to not want one a different pair for every occasion. After all the time and effort put into finding that perfect pair, and not to mention the expensive price tag, make sure to break them in properly and continue to take care of them so they look good and keep on fitting great.

If you want snug fitting jeans make sure they are as tight as possible when you first buy them. As long as you can successfully zip and button them they are good. You might have to just wear them around the house for a day or two, but depending on how much stretch they have in them they should stretch out and fit perfect in a matter of hours or after a few wears.

How To Care For Your Jeans

If your jeans are too long and need to be hemmed, be sure to wash them first. They will shrink a little in the wash and the last thing you want is to get them shortened only to wash them and then have them be a little too short.

Wear your denim as much as you can before you wash them so they have a chance to conform to your body

After washing your jeans they might feel a bit too snug but all you need to do is a few squats and they will form right back to your body and be comfortable.

If you follow these simple tips you will not have to worry about dropping lots of money on expensive jeans, because you know the fit will stay great for a long time.

Check out for more tips on caring for your denim.

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