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I got this letter today and man-O-man did the “ish” hit the fan!!! Read here:

I am dating this chick who told me she was a virgin. She’s like 25 so I figured I did pretty good. Well, I went to DC with some friends and we got into a conversation about some chicks we used to hit back in the day. Yeah, dudes still talk like that. But this guy that was with one of my boys was talking about this chick and a lot of what he was saying related to the girl I’m now seeing! I asked her what her name was and he told me. Even said her nickname. But then told me something like, I heard she had AIDS or something! WTF??? My boys didn’t know I was seeing her and I made sure not to tell them because I didn’t know where we were going. Now I’m trippin! We had sex but it was protected. I know how it goes, but yo! I’m really trippin! I haven’t talked to her yet. What the hell do I do? Tell her, drop her? I am getting tested this afternoon. Ki Ki, help a brotha out!!!

Here’s what you had to say on Facebook & Twitter:


LaToshia Thesweetestgapeach Smith-Brown First try and cool yourself down, ask her to meet you somewhere, intimate, u know a semi-private place, and confront, just ask her, and if she denies it, ask her to go with you to and both of you guys get tested…even though its only telling you results fr 3mos prior, keep in contact with your doctor, take notice of changed that might occur and let your doctor know, just in case she disappears…and PRAY ABT IT!!!

Teinesha Crazyinlove Brown The only thing you can do is ask the person your involved with. You can’t always believe what other people tell you because they might be bitter because they didn’t hit. Some guys and girls do stupid stuff like that. I say talk to her.

Carrie Caruso i agree with teinesha. he needs to sit down and talk with this chick



FreeSpirit_21 curse the girl/woman out first the person 1st & go get yourself checked out and see you have AIDS and then have her arrested