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OFFICE TALK: They cheated first and you foregave them. Now they’re paranoid that your gonna cheat on them outta speight. Do u leave, stay or cheat back?

BACKGROUND BEHIND THE QUESTION: This question was asked by a woman who has been in a relationship wth her man for 3 years. He cheated early in their relationship and now he’s paranoid that she’s gonna cheat on him so he gets on her about her hanging out with her male friends.

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Kyle S. Norton def shouldn’t cheat back, might be best to just get out of that relationship, once paranoid always paranoid……i’m just sayin..

Andrea StillStandingthrewitall Jarmon First of all she should have left the minute she found out he was CHEATING! ( that is so not LOVE) Take it from a woman who was with a man for over 9yrs. who had affairs with at least 8 women that I no of (including my BEST FRIEND) and I always thought it was me so I kept taking him back and hurting myself even more! About the last 2yrs of our relationship I did cheat and he couldn’t handle it and the relationship ended, but had I just left n the begining I could have avoided the confussion and pain I endured and caused by doing what he did.

Kathy Eccles It depends on each person what I mite take u mite not!!!! 4 me today hell naw I’m done cause I kno my worth I luv me more than I luv u!!!!!!
@kq1108 Beautifully blessed -cheated to get my revenge, stayed to watch him suffer then I left
@DanaDane6 Dana Coleman- If they paranoid after I forgave then they must still b cheating. I’m gonna have to leave. That’s too much stress!
@briawyche Bria Wyche- Hmm I think I would leave its no point being in a relationship that there is not trust n his paranoia would drive me crazy lol

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