Kidz In The Hall member Double-O recently revealed that the hip-hop duo are no longer signed to Duck Down Records and are looking make some new moves after releasing three albums independently.

“We’d like to call ourselves LeBron James right now. We’re free agents,” the group’s producer said at Stadium Red’s Expansion party last week. “Duck Down will always be a part of it in some way shape or form but we felt like it was time to go to another level. We’ve given you three albums and five or six mixtapes of dope hip-hop shit. Now it’s time to be the Black Eyed Peas. I’m about to paint my face, put plastic hair on.  I’m out! Once we sell out you can’t say shit!”

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Group members Naledge and Double-O met at a University of Pennsylvania talent show in 2000 and released their first album, School Was My Hustle, on Rawkus Records in 2006.  In 2007 they signed with Duck Down Records and released two albums,  The In Crowd and Land Of Make Believe.

Hailing from Chicago and Brooklyn, NY Kidz In The Hall were some of the first rap groups to support the campaign of President Barack Obama and recorded a song called “Work To Do” for his run to the oval office. But after years off the the main stream radar they are hoping to achieve more mass appeal with their next project.

“No one is going to be able to talk to me, I’m gonna have one long braid that I’m always gonna flip,” Double-O continues in his tongue-in-cheek tirade. “Naledge will play the straight guy. I’m gonna be all of the other Black Eyed Peas in one. That’s how it’s gonna be. I’m light-skinned, I can do it!”

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