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Many voiced both their oppositions and co-signs to Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx publicly confirming that, at his current age of 53 years old, marriage is something he still doesn't see for himself in the immediate or foreseeable future.

The biographical series will chronicle Tyson's life.

Jamie Foxx is rocking with Netflix. Today (February 18), the Oscar-winning actor, comedian and musician announced his new sitcom, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which will be exclusively on the streaming service.

Jamie Foxx and his long-rumored girlfriend Katie Holmes ended their 6-year relationship after Foxx was spotted holding hands with Sela Vave according to E! News. Now the world wants to know who the young woman is that has the 51-year-old actor’s attention. The mystery woman who is very obscure on social media goes by the […]


TV needs a jump start and I think that Jimmy Kimmel is all for it. The Norman Lear original All in the Family TV Show and The Jefferson’s made a major splash with a All-Star Cast which gained big ratings. This would have one wonder are we going back to major TV Shows that did […]

Tracy Chapman is trying to sue Minaj for copyright infringement, but she believes she didn't do anything wrong.

The time has come where the internet can put anybody on defense for actions or situations that may have happened years ago. The only thing that is wrong with this to me is, an old friend can say you did something becuase they are still mad with you and you have to defend it or […]

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been a rumoured couple for several years now — but according to reports, the actors are finally ready to go public with their love. A source revealed to Us Weekly that although the couple has been exclusive for years, Katie “used to be super worried about public attention.” The insider […]

Once again, racism seems to have no area code, even for actors like Jamie Foxx. In a visit to Croatia while film his upcoming movie, Robin Hood: Orgiins, the multi-award winning entertainer received racist insults at a restaurant where he was dining. Police reports said two people were making “particularly arrogant and rude” comments to restaurant guests including […]

All the reasons you should head to the theater to see 'Sleepless' on Friday.

The Oscar winner encountered some unnecessary drama at a West Hollywood eatery.