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I am a HUGE advocate for people having a “Love Mentor” in order to know what you want out of a relationship and to have inspiration on how to get love right. Check out the love mentors of Love Zone listeners via Facebook and Twitter.

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Who is your love mentor?


my love mentors are my parents, too. They have been married for 27 years in November and are the EPITOME of the unconditional, beautiful, God-fearing love that I hope to be blessed with one day. They are the reason why I refuse to settle for less than what God has for me. I’m going to continue to PRAY & WAIT.


As unfortunate as it is, I don’t think I have ever seen “true”, long lasting love. The long lasting relationships I have witnessed were more like examples of “tolerance” than anything. Either one stays home while the other is always on the road (in the street) or if they both are home, one stays RX’d up in order to sleep through the whole thing cuz they are miserable as hell.


my love mentor is this lady i worked with name shelia, her n her husband been 2gether for 48yrs..throughout all da pain n hurt they still made it 48yrs happily married..she always tells me 2 cherish da good n bad n a relationship bcus dats wat makes da relationship stronger..u gotta b willing 2 take da good wit da bad n for dat i will always accept advice from her n respect her relationship


My father showed me what I didn’t want in man… I wanted the exact opposite of what he is! But my mother still loves him like hell nd would do anything for that man! My mom loves hard nd she’s my mentor all around!!!


my great grand parents. they were married for over sixty years. and through their union the borned 10 kids. when my great grandmother died of my great grandfather dies two years after her of heart ache and i know that they are still together now.


My Love Mentor is God. He’s the only one I can trust through any ups and downs, trials and tribulations. Been a backslider and all that and he’s never changed faces on me!


Top Celeb Love Mentors: Jay-Z & Beyonce, Will & Jada, Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee, The Pres & First Lady

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