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Actor Kent Faulcon has come a long way from getting clowned by Will Smith in Men In Black. The actor, who others may remember from the “Soul Food” TV series, makes his feature directorial debut in the film Sister’s Keeper.

In the action drama Faulcon plays an ex-soldier and mercenary named Jacob Tate who is hired to kill a small town school teacher who mistakes him for her long lost brother.

As writer, director and star Faulcon had to balance many different responsibilities to see his vision come to life.

“In directing myself it’s like jumping off a cliff,” he says. “I’ll call action and have to put the directing hat aside. At the end of the scene when we called ‘cut’ I’d have to do a replay in my head of what I had to adjust. There are times when you have to sacrifice. I’d be in the editing room six months later and go ‘ugh.’ That was one of the drawbacks of being in front of the camera. When you’re dealing with limited budgets time is crunched.”

After showing his movie at festivals around the country Faulcon has obtained distribution for sale and rental in national chains. In this exclusive interview Kent Faulcon shares how he got his start acting and the creative inspiration for “Sister’s Keeper.”