Tracy Morgan’s appearance at The Lyric last night brought out a large and diverse crowd. “Damn, I thought Baltimore had more n****s than white people. It’s a lot of white folk in here. Don’t be alarmed white people, you will not be harmed.”

The comedian’s raw, crude and uncensored humor had the crowd shaking their heads and amazed that he could allow some of those jokes to emerge from his mouth. Not surprisingly, Morgan took shots at Tiger Woods’ wife Elin swearing that she knew about Woods’ affairs. “Why else would a man spend 16 hours out shooting 18 holes? It doesn’t take that damn long,” claimed Morgan.

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The comedian also spoke about President and First Lady Obama, sex, former President Bush, sex, Al Qaeda, sex, and did I say sex.

He didn’t fail to pay tribute to his childhood idol, Michael Jackson. He joked during my Urban Informer report Thursday afternoon that he did not look into purchasing Jackson’s “Thriller” glove but purchased his penny loafers.

All in all, I expected to see a good show and that’s what I got. And from the standing ovation at the conclusion of the show, he surely did not disappoint.