Tracy Morgan jokes that he impregnated his wife three times during an uncomfortable interview with The Today Show's Hoda Kotb. Twitter debates if he is even funny at all.

It was a historic moment on the Saturday Night Live stage last night (Dec. 21). Eddie Murphy hosted the show for the first time since he left in 1984. Fellow comedy legends like Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, and Dave Chappelle joined Murphy on stage for a moment of black, comedic, and entertainment history. Per the […]

A car starts losing it’s value the moment you drive it off the lot, but this is ridiculous. Tracy Morgan was furious after a woman slammed her car into his brand new Bugatti. Morgan was pushing his whip in NYC when a women drove her Honda CRV into his $2M dollar Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand […]

Now, as we wait for the premiere of season 2 tonight, the comedian is back to talk about the impact the series has had on his real life.

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Tracee, Kerry, Laverne and many more.

News & Gossip

Tracee, Kerry, Laverne and many more.

  Tracy Morgan has received a 2016 Emmy Award Nomination for hosting Saturday Night Live last October, but not long ago, it appeared that the actor and comedian might not live to see another stage after suffering a horrible car accident in 2014. While Morgan survived and is back to doing what he loves, his close friend, James […]

It's usually pretty cool when celebrities do "normal people" things that everyone can relate to.

Tracy Morgan is giving back in a big way— proving that what goes around sure does come back around.

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Tracy Morgan opened up about life after his horrific car accident in a recent in-depth interview with Rolling Stone.

As Tracy Morgan returns to a more normal life since making a major recovery, the trial surrounding the accident continues. Click on the audio player to…