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This weekend, comedian and actor DeRay Davis will be headlining his own stand up show at the Baltimore Comedy Factory. DeRay and I have become Twitter buddies since the last time he stopped through the Charm City when he hosted the Shaquille O’Neal All Star Comedy show. DeRay Davis is so talented and truly a […]

In case you didn’t know, Rickey Smiley is a huge Ray Lew fan and he was rooting for the boys in purple to win Super Bowl 2013 .  Rickey along with whole city of Baltimore was not feeling that long ratchet power outage that followed Beyonce’s halftime performance.  He addressed the debacle this morning on his show. […]

Did you know she was a stand-up comedian? Yeah, me neither. Well she did this bit a while back and I know it’s comedy….but doesn’t all comedy come from truth and pain?

It was Dawn Richard spotted in Towson spending her Dirty Money. My buddy / comedian Desi Alexander ran into her @ Cinnabun. Side Note:  Be on the look out for B’more comedian Desi Alexander.  He is ****ing hilarious. Click the below link to see his stand up. Warning:  contains adult language..must be 18. Other Related Links: […]


Tracy Morgan brings his genius and "A" game to Baltimore.