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Wyclef Jean is taking on the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. After sheriff deputies wrongly arrested him, mistaking him for an  armed robber, the music artist condemned their actions on Twitter, at first believing they were the LAPD. https://twitter.com/wyclef/status/844172699379224579 https://twitter.com/wyclef/status/844171988977442816 The sheriff’s department issued an apology and a report of the incident, but Jean is not having […]

Wyclef Jean refuses to stay silent over the L.A. County Sheriff Department’s clumsy mishandling of an arrest. On Tuesday afternoon, the rapper, singer, and songwriter was mistaken for a suspect in a robbery. He documented his arrest on Twitter, tweeting, “I was asked by the police to put my hands up. Then I was told do […]

https://twitter.com/wyclef/status/844114330249445376 Musician Wyclef Jean was arrested this morning by the LAPD. According the Wyclef, it was a case of mistaken identity as he was wearing a bandanna. He filmed the incident and released it on twitter during the situation. More From Wyclef: [Exclusive] So You’re Saying There’s A Chance At A Fugees Reunion? Wyclef Jean Dedicates […]

UPDATED: OCTOBER 2, 2016 6 PM EST After The New York Times broke a story Saturday alleging that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades, NewsOne dug through its archives for stories about Black leaders and celebrities who were punished for failing to pay taxes. Two years ago, The Times reviewed records that show […]

Rap Attack salutes the Hip Hop trio with Haitian roots hailing from New Jersey better known as The Fugees. Consisting of Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras this group pushed the boundaries on what a real Hip Hop group can look or sound like. Their second album The Score broke through the Rap Charts moving […]

In the illustrious world of entertainment, there are a million rags-to-riches stories that have been told from the perspective of various cultures and nationalities, but…

Today in the Street Buzz Wyclef wants to flaunt more of his sexy body, Tamar Braxton gives you tip’s on how to get your life in the bedroom, Jay Z & beyonce loose the bid to own Blue Ivy’s name plus are  Chris Brown & Karruche back together? Just in case you missed it: Check out the […]

There is over 40 sexy and then there is over 40 desperation.  Check out my latest blog at Cocoa Mommalicious – Wyclef Has Lost His Darn Mind — for my thoughts on his oiled up 43rd birthday pic.

Today, I talked with hip hop’s most inspiring artists, Wyclef Jean. He recently pinned a few thoughts about his life in a new memoir titled “Purpose” where everyone who have read it only focused on his broken relationship with Fugees band mate Lauryn Hill. Wyclef says, “it’s more to my life than just the Fugees […]

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The Fugees reunion may happen! Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, a hit producer who worked with the band on their 1996 Grammy-winning album The Score, claims that it’s only a matter of time before Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras Michel reignite the Fugees flame, according to Rap-Up.com. He told the, “I believe there will be a […]