Via Fox Baltimore A the failure of a major water main pipe, originally built n 1890, has cause major traffic delays in the downtown area.  Transportation officials are saying to expect delays for a while as they install a temporary pipe before replacing the full main. The temporary solution will restore water in that area. […]

Via Fox Baltimore Maryland Health officials have released  a statewide heat advisory. With four heat related deaths so far, it is expected that Maryland will face excessive heat and/or humidity that have the potential to cause heat-related illnesses. According to Fox Baltimore, advisories are announced with there is a high chance the temperature will reach 105 degrees. We recommend staying cool, visiting […]

According to ABC News, the Los Angeles County coroner’s 42-page report reveals some previously hidden and surprising details about Whitney Houston at the time of her death, items found in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton, and the addictions that haunted one of the greatest singer’s of our time. Read the excerpt below with […]

Photos leaked of rapper Nicki Minaj in her hot pink bikini on the set of her new video. Check out Nicki’s hottie body below!

*TMZ HAS POSTED PICS OF THE BATHTUB WHERE WHITNEY HOUSTON’S LIFELESS BODY WAS ALLEGEDLY DISCOVERED. This photograph below was allegedly taken moments after police and EMTs removed Houston’s body from the bathroom of her Beverly Hilton hotel room. The tub is still filled with water, with two hair ties, a towel and a silver dish […]

The two children suffered burns from a chemical that was so powerful that it “melted the little girl's jewelry into her wrist.”

You might want to think twice about keeping the water running while brushing your teeth in the morning.