This year was… a lot. But today we’re honoring social media moments that made the whole world cringe.

There’s a new tiktok viral challenge going around that is causing some concern for teachers to be alarmed and warned. According to multiple reports, there is a viral new “Slap A Teacher” TikTok challenge involving students assaulting their teachers and then posting it online. According to People Magazine via The Shaderoom, “U.S. school districts are […]


Well, speaking in tongues comes in many forms and Kirk Franklin has definitely showed us all that. Over the weekend the Gospel megastar was going viral due to his oldest son and first born Kerrion Franklin “illegally” recorded a VERY HEATED conversation between the two. Let’s just say the he showed us a new meaning […]

Tributes are pouring in Thursday after the husband of a viral Arizona grandmother died of coronavirus. Wanda Dench, who has since recovered from COVID-19, gained viral fame in 2016 after mistakenly inviting a stranger to Thanksgiving Dinner. The news of Lonnie Dench’s death was shared on social media by that Thanksgiving stranger turned family friend, […]

Twitter is undefeated when it comes to the memes and jokes, and the latest hot trend has unveiled more of that comedic brilliance. We’ve found the best “I’m Gonna Tell My Kids” memes that have cropped up over the last couple of days. The concept of the meme is simple: a user posts an image […]

If you’ve been under a rock the last few weeks on Twitter, then you possibly missed a new meme trend that has taken over the social media network. For those who have witnessed the memes going around, it would be fair to say that the images and corresponding jokes have been flourishing of late. For […]

This student is going viral for the absolutely perfect way he handled an awkward situation in the classroom, calling out his teacher for using the n-word twice during a presentation to his class. 23-year-old Maleek Eid is a marketing student at College of the Desert in Palm Desert. His English class was using Martin Luther […]

Just when you thought Soulja Boy‘s social media beefs couldn’t get more exhausting, he found someone who is on the same wavelength as him when it comes to the drama. On Monday, Danielle Bregoli pulled one of Soulja’s moves and took to Twitter by calling him and threatening him randomly. She simply tweeted: No […]

It seems everyone has their way of trying to play the system, especially if a nice check could be involved.

There's not much in the world every single person will agree on, but we can probably agree that rats are really gross.