After just being released from jail, it is rumored by that Lil’Wayne punched Young Money artist Drake in the face at the Wynn Hotel.


Baltimore County Police are investigating a stabbing at Security Square Mall. The victim is in his 20s and was stabbed in the back inside the mall. Details are still developing in this case.

Neither incident resulted in a fatality.

The weekend was violent in the city of Baltimore but none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries.

It's a tragic ending for both the victim and the shooter.

BALTIMORE — Police are investigating a series of shootings that left seven people dead and three more injured over a violent Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore.

A teacher Houston teacher of James Charter House was fired for attacking a student in the classroom.

Rihanna and her new man, Matt Kemp, are fighting rumors that he has had all sorts of drama with an ex-girlfriend. That drama includes a restraining order and allegations of possible abuse. We don't know if this is true --- but did Rihanna have the right to know this in the beginning? Do you have the right to know a lover's "restraining" history?