You know most people would do all they could to stay out the “BIG HOUSE.” Meanwhile, rapper YFN Lucci seems to be unbothered with being inside or outside the gates. Mot recently, it’s rumored that YFN Lucci could be headed back to jail for Bond Violation. Most recently in February “Lucci” was released on a […]

Drugs, drugs and more drugs-Oh My! After weeks of being out on bail on his tax evasion charges, DMX was supposed to be in rehab. Well, he may have been in rehab at some point, but the drug test that he took apart of his probation, showed a different story. The results from the court-ordered […]

Meek Mill really has some serious riders in Philly. The streets of Philly were filled this evening in a publicized rally for Meek’s freedom. In the middle of her promo tour, fellow spitta, Remy Ma wrote an open letter in support of Meek and asked everyone to attend the rally. “The part that they […]

So the plot thickens for Meek Mill… TMZ is now reporting that although Meek was not arrested for this alleged assault, he still has to appear in court for it, which could possible violate him because he is still on probation. My thoughts: Bad time to be catching L’s homie! Hopefully it all works out […]

Kodak Black is the Gucci Mane of 2017 when it comes to getting arrested every few months. Just three months after he was released from lockup, Kodak is back behind bars for violating the terms of his house arrest and probation. TMZ reports that the Florida rapper was booked into Broward County Jail Tuesday after […]

Actor Columbus Short doesn’t seem to be taking his legal issues regarding his wife too seriously. According to his estranged wife Tanee McCall-Short, the former…

Ok, I might be late with this one, maybe it’s because I went to bed early, but I heard Chris Brown went to jail AGAIN last night! Wait! What? Why? What happened? Again…why? Here’s why: Chris Brown is on his way to jail right now, because he violated a judge’s order by getting booted from the […]

The Trayvon Martin murder case takes a very interesting turn as George Zimmerman’s 25 year-old wife, Shellie Zimmerman, was booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility one hour ago on one count of perjury. Earlier this month, prosecutors accused Shellie Zimmerman of lying to the court on behalf of her husband during a bond […]


Lil Wayne CLEARLY was enjoying himself this weekend, during the all-star festivities. He was enjoying himself sooooo much, I would not be surprised if his Probation Officer won’t come knocking some time soon. Check out the video of Lil Wayne clearly under the influence of…..something! Is Lil Wayne Engaged?

Chris Brown is at it again! This time he’s taking his talents anger down to South Beach! While Chris Brown and Tyga were leaving a night club in Miami this weekend he allegedly snatched a fan’s Iphone for taking a pic of him getting in his Bentley. Chris Brown flipped out on fan Christal Spann. […]

Less than 48 hours after being released from prison, rapper T.I. is back in federal custody. Confirmed reports state that he was detained based on his mode of transportation to the halfway house. The rapper took a luxury bus to the halfway and confirmed reports say that the rapper was to have a designated individual […]

Either our math is off or somebody is getting over-<strong>Gucci Mane</strong> is reportedly to be released only after serving six months for violating his probation.