The lingerie game is about to be as competitive as the music game is. Earlier today, Kim Kardashian announced that she is releasing a lingerie and shapewear line. Shortly after, the Badgal RiRi announced her lingerie line. You better get ready for the ‘Savage X Fenty’ line. If the lingerie line does anything like her […]

Experts say wearing underwear to bed adds benefits to your health…. Dre #nightcap.. Do you prefer going to bed with undies on or undies off? #thezone Toiya Best Lol depends if it’s real hot. Heyyyy Dre!!!! Ray Raya None Kierra Peters Definitely off!! Tashia Smith Well depends if I’m getting some cuddy… Charles Smith On….I […]

Say what? Granny panties are back?! Listen to the audio player to hear Claudia Jordan reveal which type of women’s underwear men like the most…

Shout out the draws you have on while listening to the show ……. None I’m on vacation with my husband Thongs.. makes u feel the freedom of wearing nothing.. even when u have to wear something My halter dress..i’m sitting on my couch sipping listening to slow jams I’m wearing boy shorts because they are […]

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Keep your flashmob, we’re taking off our pants!  The 13th annual International “No Pants Subway Ride” was a cheeky affair, taking place in more than…

Photo courtesy of Check out Oprah relaxing on set. Not sure why this is news…well of course it is! Who doesn’t wanna see one of the most powerful women in the world in her granny pajamas and curlers!! Hey, even Oprah has the right to relax sometimes. :-)

Emporio Armani unveiled their Spring/Summer 2012 underwear ad campaign today. Rihanna, who became the spokes model in September 2011, revealed a softer more sultry side of herself. While appearing garment free is no new feat for the Bajan songstress, Rihanna exudes a more demure attitude posing in elegant lace and silk lingerie. Spotted at [Highsnobiety] […]