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Experts say wearing underwear to bed adds benefits to your health….

Dre #nightcap.. Do you prefer going to bed with undies on or undies off? #thezone

Toiya Best Lol depends if it’s real hot. Heyyyy Dre!!!!

Ray Raya None

Kierra Peters Definitely off!!

Tashia Smith Well depends if I’m getting some cuddy…

Charles Smith On….I have huge nuttz

Alichia Angeles Cruz Granny Pannies or none at all .. Depends on the mood💁🏽

SweetasCaramel Anderson Off or boyshorts depends on the way im feeling at the time…

whthershey209 Free ballin baby!!!

mrs.blackdiamondd Off

moyeboi81 Off! Completely nude. I like the feel of the sheets as im cuddled with my pillow

Off 😌

leihaila Absolutely nothing on!!!

she_is_hershey Underwear are a waste of garment…..

yourroyaljas I sleep with them on. Yes I know there’s a certain.. Free feeling of being nude but like the guy just said on the radio gotta have something on in case you need to hop up Lol especially living with other people

greatnessisshe90 Absolutely nothing on just keep you robe close 😏

itztaye Women should sleep with them off because it helps air the vajayjay

gemini_nailtech I sleep naked…better sleep

eyesarethewindow2thesoul Best to sleep in the nude screw clothes lol

tierra59 without

laniya5071 On

the_attractive1 Off. Ass naked

omgkekereally_Definitely off

adajtsujmi On

ms_tee_june1st off

candykane691 Off

ms.do_rite Offffff

the1andonly_meme Off

laniya5071 I would say no because you might swet in your sleep and it will stank

brwnbby36 Off..gotta get some air.

kissinonangie Off

precious_gurl14 off

simplybeautiful15 Off


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