Tyrese is an open book when it comes to his child support woes and he recently dropped a new song to tell the world about it … again. The singer channels all his negative emotions about the rough divorce and child support battle with his ex-wife, Samantha Lee, in a 5-minute track called “Love Transaction.” […]

Tyrese has been going through it publicly for some time now with his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson. Well today Superior Court Judge Kevin M. Farmer in Fulton County, Georgia, ruled that the R&B superstar must pay “$10,690 a month in child support for their three-year-old daughter Soraya.” Originally his estranged ex-wife was asking for $20,000 […]

After last week's previous report on the induced coma of Tyrese's mom following her battle with pneumonia and COVID-19, it appears she has now unfortunately passed away. 

Tyrese has been going through it recently. While on set taping for a show he’s working on he received a call no child ever wants to hear. He posted on his Instagram account, “My mother is now in a coma, in ICU with pneumonia and COVID she’s so sedated that she can’t even eat or […]

Tyrese says that race played a huge part in the film roles he didn't land, adding that fellow Black actor Terrence Howard may have benefitted simply based off being the lighter of the two with a pair of green eyes to match. 

After a video of the R&B singer and actor shaving his girlfriend's, ahem, situation, went wide, fans on Twitter are asking some questions.

The R&B singer and actor has been married to Samantha Lee Gibson since 2017.

When Sony announced that they were working on Spider-Man spinoff films for Venom and Morbius without the teenage webslinger even as so much as making an appearance, there was a collective groan from comic book fans around the world. But with the surprising success of the actually entertaining Venom, Sony is now going full steam ahead with […]

Tyrese Gibson and wife Samantha recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl Soraya Lee into the world back in October of 2018, and Ty always shows her off as he should. Soraya is sooo adorable and clearly Tyrese’s twin!  If you have baby fever (like me), the photo below won’t help! Just look at her! Cutie […]

Tyrese is mentally going through a lot during this court battle after being accused of abusing his 10 year old daughter Shalya. Well one thing we missed during his extremely emotional Instagram post is that he is gearing up to welcome another child in this world with his wife. Tyrese also posted a message on […]

Someone turned Tyrese's social media breakdown into a Baltimore club song.