Sports stories do more than stuff the stats; they also bring energy to the city. We’ve got quite the sports story brewing right here in Bird City and it’s all centered around Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. The “Flock” has been playing high-grade football and has provided highlight after highlight, all season long. A […]

We’ve gathered some of our favorite Clair Huxtable moments!

Sports movies can be a challenge to make. The main hurdle for filmmakers is trying to deliver a movie solid enough to satisfy die hard fans while simultaneously supplying enough overall entertainment value throughout it to rein in non-sports lovers. Though classic flicks like Rocky and Hoosiers do jump that hurdle, the majority of sports […]

I love my city! Let’s face it, nobody and nowhere is perfect. It’s so much to see and do in the beautiful city. The reason we sometimes get fed up is because we’re from here and get tired of it. Let’s take a step back a look at the city as a whole (from school […]

Nelson Mandela is well known for his political influence throughout the 20th century. The political leader and social activist is held in regard for his…

This week on the Billboard 200 Nicki Minaj drops to #8 but stays in the Top 10… not the same for Future, though, who dropped ten spots to #18… Monica’s New Life album fell to #26 and Drake’s Take Care album, after 25 weeks, is still pushing units. He sold almost 12,000 this week, holding […]

Mary J. Blige just dropped her tenth album, My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1), at the end of 2011. Grooving to it got us the thinking of her many classics—so much so that bam, a top 10 list had to be whipped up. Where do we begin (or end)? Since the early ‘90s […]

Lil’ Wayne proved that hard work and consistency can land you the number one spot in hip hop. He has come a long way from selling over 250,000 copies in the first week with his debut solo album, The Block Is Hot to selling a million in a week with Tha Carter III. After selling 964,000 in […]

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Drake is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now. His debut album hit number one on the Billboard charts and he even caused a riot in New York City at the South Street Seaport. I think its safe to say people are checking for Drake’s music. You can find Drake’s lyrics on […]

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter  went from the guy that everyone slept on to the guy that every rap artist wants to be. Jay-Z has been in the rap game since the 80s and after the passing of The Notorious BIG has become the undisputed King of New York. He currently has the baddest chick in the game Beyonce […]

Despite what you’ve heard, Black people are the world’s taste makers. We are the ones who say what’s hot or not. Once it becomes popular in our community, mainstream picks it up and runs away with it. Think about it. Big lips weren’t in style until Angelina Jolie had them. You and I both know […]

I know everyone thinks their city is the best dressed, but you may be surprised to find out your city is actually one of the worst dressed in the country. We can go back and fourth about who is the best and worst forever and the results will vary.  GQ released a top 40 list […]