Tiger Woods

After dominating the headlines for the last few months with his scandalous behavior, Tiger Woods is finally going to break his silence on Friday.

For his first official appearance since the car accident and subsequent scandal that turned the golfer’s world upside down months ago, Tiger Woods will appear in public to issue a statement at 11am ET on Friday, February 19th.

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Here are 5 reasons why the <strong>Tiger Woods</strong> tart parade is NOT striking a nerve with some Black women.

Rachel Uchitel and several other women are coming forward.

<strong>Tiger's</strong> side girl talks! <!--more-->

The story of <strong>Tiger Woods</strong>’ car accident and personal indiscretions continues to thicken. On his website, he has written an apology for his “transgressions” as a new potential mistress emerges. Also listen to the audio clip released this morning.